February 2015 – Best Of … Part 3 – Grooming!

So as far as grooming goes


This Scholl Velvet Smooth is an amazing device … No effort and gorgeous feet instantly! It is a bit pricey if comparing it to a foot file or pumice stone but it is so worth every penny, you can also get replacement heads for about R130.00 which isn’t too bad, but this bad boy will set you back R319.00 at DischemSA and R399.00 on Rubybox

Eos Hand Lotion – This thing is just so cute, and smells delicious but most of all it is so tiny I don’t need a handbag to have hand lotion 😀 … And definitely delivers on the moisture factor…Love it

Base and Top Coat – I have been using Sally Hansen Double duty for almost a year now and have re-purchased multiple times because I really really like this , especially when my nails are in a good condition…does its job…Top coat – Since I received Mavadry from Rubybox I can’t live without it , my nails go from wet to set in about 30 seconds…I love this…

Avon Foot Works – I did a fancy footwork post on these and In conjunction with the velvet smooth , no lady should ever have dry cracked heels… Try it! You’ll love it !

L.A Girl Animal Nail kit – I saw this and just had to add it to my collection even though I have these colors from other brands, but the mini bottles as so cute plus the set includes the nail art tools, I have to say though I don’t like that brush it is way to thick to create tiger stripes… For more on my nails check out my Instagram in the side bar or follow me @Blogmebutiful

Hope you enjoyed!


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