1st Fabs and Fails – June 2018

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Welcome back, I hope you had an awesome weekend. Before we get into this post, I would like to say I don’t particularly like to talk negatively about a product or brand. But there are definitely things that don’t work out for all of us, no matter how hyped up or expensive they are. What I’ve also realized is that I have so many subscriptions and buy so much makeup but I don’t always review everything. My intention is to start being better about that so I can start minimizing the amount of makeup I keep. So let’s see what Fabs and Fails – June 2018 brought my way.

Fabs and Fails – June 2018

Fabs and Fails

Subscription Boxes

Allure Beauty box – I have to say I am not always impressed with Allure, mostly because we get a lot of sample sizes. The reason I haven’t cancelled yet is because of boxes like the June one. This was in collaboration with Kat Von D. The most exciting products we received was definitely the Ole Henriksen Walnut Scrub, the Kat Von D tattoo liner and the mirror. Here is a little look a full review will be up soon.

Fabs and Fails

The Fab Fit Fun Summer box – Oooh I was so excited about this one! When I saw the unboxings I signed up immediately. The Foreo alone made it so worth it to me. I will also be doing a full review on these products, but for now, you can see my unboxing here.


Maybelline Fit me powder – I know I ordered this a while ago and did a review here. But this powder is awesome for the dry Winter months. If you have normal to dry skin I think you will definitely enjoy this. Sadly it is not readily available here in South Africa. But you can import it if you wish. As I said having so much makeup, makes keeping up really hard, and I understand why almost ALL the beauty gurus are throwing stuff out. I felt like I was there a few months’ ago already.

Maybelline Makeup Instant Age Rewind Concealer – This one is a cult classic, I have had it before so it is not a new discovery but I placed an order on Amazon and I re-purchased this to ensure I got free shipping. So this essentially was a re-discovery for me, although I used to buy this in the shade medium, this time I tried the neutralizer shade and I love it. This is a definite Fab!

Alamar Reina Del Caribe Vol.1 Eyeshadow palette – This as you would know (if you follow me or any other subscriber on social media) I received in my Boxycharm. Beautiful palette, seriously, it is stunning. The formula is so blendable, the eyeshadows last all day and it stays vibrant even without a base underneath. I am obsessed and so grateful I got it in my boxycharm.

HudaBeauty Lip PencilThis I received in my ipsy glam bag. Whenever I see these luxury beauty items on the interweb, I ask why is it so expensive? Is this product going to jump out of my makeup bag and apply itself? because the price is insane? The truth is I would never pay $25.00 for a lip pencil, not even now after using it, because seriously!

But I can and do understand why people who can afford to purchase this, do it. From the first use, this glides on the lips, without any tugging. Then it wears a decent amount of time and to make matters better it is so comfortable, I have even worn it alone. The pigmentation is insane, so if you have R350.00 (or $25) for a lip liner, go for it. It’s so awesome.

I have a lot more to talk about but this isn’t youtube and I don’t want you to get bored so let’s stop here.

Fabs and Fails - June 2018

The biggest thing that falls into the fails for me this month was my Birchbox. That was just sad. I mean I got the beauty blender sampler, it is so small and silly it’s not even like the beauty blender mini. You would probably be able to wet that little thing with a teardrop. I really tried so hard to not be a negative nelly, but to the people at Beauty Blender: No one will ever know the awesomeness that is the beauty blender by using this sad excuse of a sponge (sorry guys it’s the truth).

Then there was the Kat Von D tattoo liner (don’t click out or hit me). I know probably 99.9% of beauty lovers, adores the Kat Von D liner. I will tell you that the actual tip is awesome, you can create the finest cat eye with it. It is definitely easy to use but wear time, shame. No just no! Mine was faded off within 4 hours and only on one eye. What’s worse is it wasn’t even the eye I touched throughout the day. So besides the fine tip on the pen, I really don’t know what all the fuss is about.

Photo Credit : Kat Von D Beauty
Photo Credit: Kat Von D Beauty

So that’s all folks, please let us know in the comments what your Fabs and Fails were for this month or ever. So we all know what to try out or not 🙂

Have a Be YOU tiful Day Gorgeous!



    1. I was very sad considering how hyped up it is! Really. Maybe im doing something wrong but in my opinion just use essence or nyx 😉

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