Fab Fit Fun Summer Box

My Fab fit fun Summer box unboxing is here. It’s almost like the universe was peer pressuring me to get this box. On top of all the others I already receive Then to make matters better so many of the influencers had a $10 discount. I mean come on! How is a girl supposed to say no?

On a serious note though, the U.S Subscription truly has me hooked and the ones that allow me to pause and take breaks are even better. So obviously I can’t be subscribed to all of them all of the time, because it is expensive. I like that I can now get to try a lot of them and see if I like it or not. Fab Fit Fun had me at hello, to me, it’s a lot like boxycharm with more lifestyle-ish items.

So let’s jump in and unbox the Fab Fit Fun Summer Box

My box was a little damaged because it travelled a long way to get to me. So I will not blame fab fit fun for that. The size of the box is big, a lot bigger than most that I’ve received so far. So I believe it is worth the price.

Contents and Cost

In this box, you receive all full sized products that will have a retail value of well over $200.00. It is a seasonal subscription which means you receive 4 boxes a year. It costs $49.00 per box/season but if you use this link, you’ll get $10. I am not entirely sure if you can use it towards your first box subscription or not (#justbeinghonest).

Fab Fit Fun


So shipping is free in the U.S, but since we don’t live there, I used Aramex global shopper. I think this traumatized me so much I immediately put the box on hold so I can decide if I really want the FALL box. As I said the box is huge and heavy, so I had to pay Aramex R514.00. The box weighed 4.07lb.

The box was released from customs I made my payment all fine and dandy. Once I saw the box was released I figured it would be delivered, but no! So I called to inquire when delivery would take place and all of a sudden I was charged an additional R345.69 for customs in total (R859.69 or $62.00). P!ssed doesn’t begin to describe how I was feeling, but I paid it because I needed my Foreo!

Foreo Luna Fofo

This is the item I was most excited about and if I am being totally honest, the whole reason I signed up in the first place. This little cutie costs $89.00 which already makes this box so worth it. Everything else is 100% free, or at least that’s how it would be IF I lived in the U.S.

But I don’t so the Aramex costs were shocking, to say the least. Yes, I already installed the ‘Foreo for you’ app (available For iPhone and Android). I will do a full review soon hopefully with some stats.

Tarte Tartiest Pro Glow Highlight and Contour palette

Over the past year I’ve received so many tarte products in these subscription boxes , and for that alone, I am so glad I decided to subscribe to them. This is one of those brands that I would see on youtube and then browse the websites and add to cart, knowing very well I couldn’t check out.

I had a major Tarte lust list! But nowwww, I can review the same things as everyone else. Plus the retail value of this is $42.00 which somewhat makes up for my horrendous shipping costs.

Jabonerìa Marianella – Hawaiian Black Lava Body Caviar

I have never even heard of this, but the retail on this is $48.00. I don’t know anything about the brand but these are one of the items I could choose and I chose it because I didn’t want a ring or muscle gel. Let me know if this is something you would like a review on in the future or not really?


Minor History Post Script wallet

It is just too cute and the retail value is $20. To be honest, it is not something I would necessarily buy, but as a freebie, I don’t mind it at all. And in all likelihood will end up with my daughter.

Summer and Rose beach towel

Well as a coloured South African, you know, the real towels we use aren’t as pretty and fluffy as the ones we use in photo props #gramsham LOL. Or even the ones we put out for the visitors. Usually our towels are weathered by kids, and that twin tub, ooh not to mention over-soaking them in ‘Stay soft’ yes I use comfort but we mos call it ‘stay soft’ lol.

I just need a new one and I chose the palm print. Pineapples are so 2017. Just kidding I liked the vibrant colours.


Elemis Papaya Enzyme Peel

This seems to be the year of skin care and with the fofo that I now have, I am so glad that I received this enzyme peel too. Hopefully, it will assist in improving my skin. From what I found this retails for £33 pounds. It definitely doesn’t feel like it would be harsh, it is actually quite creamy.

Let me know if you want separate reviews on the product later on.

Coola face Sport SPF50 White tea moisturizer

Can you say Hyped up and not think of Coola? I can’t . But none the less I love me some spf50, a girl is not 22 anymore and I need to protect this face. This better live up to my expectations because I am curious to see how it compared to the Avéne SPF50 because that one is non-greasy. And absorbs like a charm. BTW this retails for $32.

And last but certainly not least

Pier 1 Imports Marble ring dish

Ok, so I love marble as well as rose gold. Then you scroll through Pinterest and every one person has a marble dish, but you can’t find one anywhere right? For me, that’s no longer a thing :D. Sorry didn’t mean to rub it in but this is so adorable and I am eternally grateful that it didn’t break, I was actually really worried about that.

So that’s it loves, what do you think of the fab fit fun box? No, I think rather tell me what you think of those shipping charges? Should I reactivate this sub and suck it up?


Hope to hear from you soon

Love and Light


    1. it is so awesome. the shipping is a bit pricey to South Africa so, I am contemplating cancelling…not sure what to do 🙁

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