Hey Gorgeous

I get asked about my faces frame all the time and yes they are 95% natural lol

How I shape them …

1. I use Take It Off Strip Wax brow, lip and face by Sorbet (included in this package is the wax strips, as well as a pre-wax wipe and post wax lotion)


I don’t wax all around I only do the stray hairs under my brow, so the shape it’s in, is its natural shape.

2. Daily Up Keep

Daily I use the catrice eyebrow set, I only use this to extend the tail of my eyebrows especially when I am doing winged linger or a cat smokey eye, I have used the essence one and I like the powder but I hate the brush it comes with, on the upside essence includes eyebrow stencils, plus this set includes tweezers which has saved me many times when I have somewhere important to be and I grab this to fix my brows in the car and realize I have some re-growth, I can quickly pluck them on the go.  The mirror is also pretty cool because now I don’t need to carry unnecessary equipment :D.

I lock them in place with the essence clear brow gel.


The result

cropped-img-20141112-wa000_edit.jpgI hope you enjoyed… Enjoy your evening butiful


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