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Welcome…today we will be talking about evian facial spray…Now I recently tried the Avéne Facial spray when it was released here in South Africa and this one is amazing… Evian hasn’t come here as yet but we are eagerly awaiting its arrival, if it does land on our shores.

The Evian Spray is so versatile and easy to use… Some of its uses are:

Baby Cleansing – Now there are not many beauty products that can be used by mom and baby and being a mom this is a definite plus for me, not having to buy separate products for each member of the family…My kids are all grown up but from what I’ve read about Evian it would make a great cooling mist after swimming, my cubs love swimming!

After Hair removal – All waxes generally come with a soothing wipe or lotion, but how much better is it to just spritz a cooling spray all over to avoid irritation. This would include shaving and my hubby complains a lot about the burning of after shaves so I would be very excited for him to give this a shot and see how it affects the irritation levels on he’s sensitive skin after shaving.

Make up setting – I have pretty dry skin and most make up setting sprays are for oily skin, this sounds like it would be perfect for me, who isn’t looking to actually set the makeup but just adjust the dry patches, and create an overall dewy finish.

Here are some facts about this product after testing was conducted:

Proven Results with regular use*

100% – reported instantly refreshed skin
94% – claimed better hydration
87% – reported softer feel
81% – saw reduced under-eye puffiness
95%- noted improved tone

*consumer research results – tested on 62 women using twice daily for 30 days.

For more info on this facial spray click here

The spray ranges from around $7 (approx. R96.00) depending on the size and the fact that there are different size options available is so awesome, because now you can have one everywhere…just in case of emergency…

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