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Essence Insta Perfect seems to be all the rage right now on Instagram right? As I said in my previous post this year’s focus seems to have been skincare, skincare and more skincare. Don’t get me wrong I love good skin care! Speaking of which I reviewed the Sunday Riley Luna oil too …  Being in my 30’s doesn’t make skincare easier, but then being someone who used baby soap as a face wash for most of my life, it’s quite an adjustment. Anyway today we are talking makeup… Oooh I got side tracked there, let’s talk about this foundation now.

I love me some good drugstore foundation because I am a major cheapskate. And I promise I am, a lot of the high end products you see here or on my Instagram comes from subscription boxes or sales.

So first off, when l saw this all over the internet I was very excited mostly because of the color range. In the past essence catered mostly to fairer skin and now we are included. I don’t think the range caters to everyone but with the additional launch of the color drops, I think it’s almost there. It would definitely be better if we could walk into a store and pick up a shade that matched which matched us perfectly, but patience, I’m sure they’re working on it.

Let get into the actual review of the Essence Insta Perfect

Essence Insta Perfect


I think I paid R99.00 for the bottle, and to be honest it’s very small for R99 considering the size of the Maybelline fit me for example which is USUALLY on sale for about R79.00 so that was definitely a let down. It’s cute and everything but seriously I don’t think a bigger bottle would have hurt. Maybe even the same amount of product in a tube, to fool the eye. I don’t know, but the size was a downer for me.


Besides it’s size I actually quite like the bottle, it feels like there will be very little wastage. Now I do typically prefer a pump but this is just as good in my opinion. Plus the product is so liquid and thin I don’t feel like you would waste much product by it being left behind in the bottle. If that makes sense.


Ok so it is a matte foundation but I must say, much like the Maybelline it’s a very natural finish, especially when you use a setting spray with it. If you’re like me and have dry / dehydrated skin, obviously a dewy finish setting spray is best. Like I said earlier, it is very liquid but the coverage isn’t horrible. If you’re searching for an affordable full coverage foundation this isn’t it.In that case I would say rather look at the Loreal Infallible range. This is more of a low medium coverage which to me is buildable. I find that it builds well without looking cakey at all.

Also something I noticed is when I used a powder with this, is when it started to accentuate my dryness and fine lines or rather expression lines. So be very light handed with the powder especially on the dryer skin types.And definitely follow with a setting spray.


This can be applied however you prefer. I personally prefer a damp sponge but I did use a buffing brush too and for higher coverage that obviously works best. But I feel like this simply comes down to preference because the foundation is so buildable.

So would I recommend it? Yes especially because essence released deeper shades and because the undertone isn’t so pink anymore I really do like it. I now rotate between this and the fit me for my everyday foundation because it doesn’t break the bank. It also lasts a decent amount of time, but I rarely have fading issues and my face aka foundation usually only needs to last me about 9 hours. And to me that’s a pretty decent wear time.

Where to buy

I got mine at a Jet Store but you can also get this at Clicks, Dischem or Takealot.

Let’s chat in the comments about whether or not you’ve tried this and how you feel about it?! And what do you think about essences’ new shades? Do you think there’s enough to cover most of the spectrum? I certainly don’t!


Thanks for dropping in and have a Be YOU tiful day!

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