Dr. Brandt pores no more cleaner mask

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How are you all, I hope you had an awesome Women’s day. Anyway, I thought I would do a short an sweet review on Dr. Brandt Pores No More Vacuum Cleaner mask. We received this in the April 2018 Boxycharm. When I first saw this I was very excited because this brand really isn’t cheap. Also, in case you didn’t know Dr. Brandt is now available at Foschini Beauty. I first heard about this brand from Nicole Guerriero on YouTube, when she spoke about the primer. But I haven’t actually heard anything about the Dr. Brandt pores no more cleaner mask.


Dr. Brandt pores no more cleaner mask

Dr. Brandt pores no more cleaner mask

When I started using this I genuinely thought my pores were going away and then I realized it was a placebo. When I was using this mask, I was also using the Luminizer Primer along with benefit porefessional. Firstly it’s pretty cool when you squirt it out there are tiny blue beads in an off-white gel. So you would imagine it is an exfoliating type of product.

But then you massage it and it’s like the beads pop or breaks down and the liquid turns blue, and when you apply it to the skin and there is a cooling sensation. The maximum drying time for me is 10 minutes, then I rinse. I will say there is no tight feeling afterwards, so it doesn’t strip your skin at all. Immediately after you can see your pores are noticeably smaller but sadly there is no long-term effect.

So basically if you want to have your pores look smaller, right now, this works. But it doesn’t have a lasting effect on the skin or at least that was my experience. I only have pores on my cheeks that are visible like 99% of the population who suffer from this issue. If I am being honest it’s almost like using a pore filling primer. So it depends on your preference and if you can afford this then go for it.

Would I re-purchase? No! I am more likely to use an activated charcoal and bentonite clay mask, I feel like that extracts a lot more gunk and my skin feels so much cleaner.

But once again I received this in Boxycharm and the total cost of the box was no more than R300 with the shipping of R199.00 from Aramex, it is still a lot cheaper than buying only the primer. The Dr. Brandt Pores No More Vacuum Cleaner currently retails for R600.24  at Foschini online.

So there you go, I think it is a lot about personal preference on this one. If you want something that will give you the look of smaller pores for a few hours and little wait time, this is for you. If on the other hand, you imagine it will start to erase your pores over time, it won’t.

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But let’s chat in the comments if you’ve tried it?

Do you like it?

Would you recommend it?

And as always have a wonderful weekend Gorgeous! You’re worth it!


    1. I feel like it works now but I don’t see any long-term effects ?? Is that just me? I love that illuminating primer though but I have dry skin 🙂

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