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Today I bring you a review of the Dove Pure Care dry oil range. Since it is Autumn over here in South Africa and Winter is upon us, I feel like I should give you gorgeous people some tips for treating your dry hair.

My hair type is very dry, damaged and frizzy. I also almost always testing new products, I have to say that since this product launched it feels like this range is definitely my holy grail. I will always switch it up BUT I cannot go shopping without buying this shampoo and conditioner. Even just to know that I have it at my disposal, gives me comfort.

Dove Pure Care dry oil range Scent

  • So the scent is not my favourite scent in the world, I still prefer the Kerastasé Discipline range. I feel like I could compare it to the scent of the Redken diamond oil. So it is not horrible but doesn’t smell like a perfume fragrance.

Dove Pure Care dry oil range Packaging

  • I really don’t mind the tube at all. I feel like I could probably get more use out of a tube than a pump bottle. And a pump is more kid friendly.

Dove Pure Care dry oil range Price

  • This must be its best feature, for the price of around R60.00 ($4.00)  each and the efficacy , it is well worth it.

From the first wash, you can feel your hair softening, it is truly a miracle product. I have really thick hair when wet and I usually struggle to get my tiny fingers to my scalp, but not with this amazing product. My hair feels cleaner, softer and a lot more manageable without all the weight. Final rating



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