Dirty Works – Pore-fect Facial Hot Cloth Cleanser

I recently tried a product from Clicks SA, not sure if it is new or not,however I tried the Hot Cloth cleanser, as recommended by Pink Peonies ,while I developed a heat rash on my face, and it was completely gone in 2 washes…I know she mentions a bit about reactive skin, I have super dry and super sensitive skin and it doesn’t burn at all (But that could just be me) …It does have a tingly sensation on the skin but once the product is wiped off , all that’s left behind is soft supple skin,and I get alot less break outs. It may just be the use of Eucalyptus in the ingredients but I have been using it for a month now and my skin feels amazing…This definitely delivers it’s promises … I am quite the germiphobe and don’t want to use the cloths for too long and it seems for me the cloth outlasts the product obviously, however, if you are like me …there is good news …Spree offers a set of 3 muslin cloths made by Balm Balm,which works just as well , for R130. But I think I have truely find my new Holy Grail face cleanser…Thank you Dirty Works!

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