Approved : Cover Fx vs Benefit Porefessional

Hey Scarlets

Can we even do a successful Cover Fx vs Benefit Porefessional ? Let’s find out….

How’s it hanging? So primers used to be such a conundrum right!? Or was that just me? Asking myself questions like : What’s the right primer for me? Does price matter? All these questions. Today we are doing a Cover Fx vs Benefit Porefessional comparison.

I know these are both considered high end. But only one of these are readily available here…

With that in mind let’s get into this.

First of all if you’re wondering, the cover Fx blur primer came in a Boxycharm last year. And the illuminating one I bought from a fab fit fun sale.

Cover Fx vs Benefit Porefessional

Cover Fx blur primer

Cover Fx vs Benefit Porefessional

This one is thicker than the benefit one for sure. Does it fill in your pores? Yip it sure does. I have to say though I haven’t yet found a “pore filling/blurring” primer that completely erases them.

Also if you rub instead of press it in, it will pill up on your skin.

The price is the only set back for me and of course that’s because you will have to ship it here, which will be an additional charge. This one will set you back $38 (R544.00) excluding shipping 🙂 …If you are interested in giving it a go , you can check it out here.

Benefit porefessional

This one is a lot softer and spreads so smoothly. The up side for me personally is that it is not overly mattifying. For the longest time this was the holy grail of pore filling primers. That is no longer the case at all.

This is one we can buy in a mini size which is what I did specifically for this post lol and because it came in a set that included their new illuminating one.

The surprising thing is that the mini sized one lasted about the same time as the full sized cover Fx one. For additional pricing and information check out the Benefit South Africa website.

This one will only set you back R195.00 for a mini one and as I said if used sparingly you really can make it go a long way.

Let me know if you’ve tried any of these or even both and how you feel. To me the Benefit is the clear winner. How do you feel?

Anyway have a wonderful day gorgeous! You’re worth it!!!

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