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Hello everyone! Season’s greetings to you all! I was going to do a review, but I decided to test the ‘mystery’ product out one more time! So, it’s coming soon and before we get into this, please go check out my latest giveaway in my Boxy charm unboxing post. Just click here… Now on with my story about why I am unsubscribing from certain YouTube channels.

So recently I have been seeing ALOT of repetition on YouTube, it is getting rather frustrating, and it’s not the same as having staple clothing pieces, where we have 3 white tank tops and 7 pairs of blue jeans, to accommodate laundry day. With youtube it feels like everyone is trying to be like everyone else, and no one is doing anything unique anymore. I am at the point where I barely even watch. Also, on my recently uploaded or recommendations page it’s all the same bs.

Now I understand that in the beauty community, all the bigger or more popular youtubers receive the same PR packages and will all want to get their video’s up first of course. But the monotony is just so frustrating, further more with some of the sponsorships, are the reviews 100% real?

Let’s not even get to the PR hauls! I mean seriously!!! This has got nothing to do with anything aside from the fact that it is NOT A HAUL, people, the definition of a ‘Haul’ is you went out and bought the products yourself.

I personally feel like it is ok to do an unboxing or not do them at all and just mention that it was sent in PR while you’re using the item or product, maybe even do a first impressions video(which I don’t find helpful either BTW) or even a review of the product would be my first option, like back in the old days! I miss that…

So, these are the youtubers I currently follow and which I am unsubscribing from:

I really used to luuurv these people, but for one the content is not the same, and, I feel like if they lose 1 subscriber, aka me, their lives won’t change much. I know that Tati started the PR hauls lol, or hers was the first one I’ve seen, however, her USP[Unique Selling point] is that she tests a lot of the very very high end makeup, these are items I would most likely never buy myself.

Jaclyn, Laura, Jeffree, and Manny, there is always some kind of drama, and their persona’s have changed. And let’s just be real, they are always only featured on each others channels, what’s worse is that it’s like watching videos on repeat! In the case of these people, IF I happen to find a video I like I will watch it, but I don’t want the notifications anymore, that’s all.

I would also like to say that I commend them on their success, especially the ones that started with absolutely nothing, and wish them all the success in the world, but I am not about to be wasting my data watching video’s I no longer enjoy, if this changes in the future I will most likely re-subscribe, but as of right now, I’m out.

My questions to you all are:

  1. Do you feel this way too or am I being a twat?
  2. Would you please send me links or names of people I can watch, preferably with much smaller channels that I may want to help promote, that are unique and fun!?

I know that not everyone will share my sentiment, but I feel like I could much rather be spending my time boosting a smaller channel. If you feel this way too, please let me know what your thoughts are or even if you don’t, let’s chat, at the end of the day everyone is entitled to their opinion.

Finally, this is not meant to be cattish, nasty or acting out of hatred, I genuinely like these people or at least the personas they portray, because, how well do we ever really know anyone? I mean I don’t think I’ve even scratched the surface with myself. AAAAND Yes people can change and grow, it doesn’t mean that I HAVE to change and grow in the same way…

Thank you for stopping by and please don’t forget to leave me a comment and subscribe or even send me an email to remain anonymous if you wish.

To checkout my favorite channels click on the names below 😉


Thank you gorgeous! Have a stunning Day! You’re worth it!


  1. Ugh! I have so many opinions about blogs and vlogs that I wrote a whole damn post about it, then I forgot one of my biggest ones which is the photo fixers. Too many bloggers are in it because they want to be insta-celebrities and not out of any love for products or skill. You NEED to check out Morgan at The Beauty Breakdown. She is hilarious and knows her stuff more than most of self-promoting vloggers I see.

    1. I will definitely check her out… I get that maybe you want to promo your work but these days it’s seems like it’s all about the fame and showing off your “perfect life” too… Nothings perfect mxm

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