Catrice Absolute Matte Palette

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Happy Monday to you all! May this week be abundant and amazing!

So I purchased the Catrice absolute matte eyeshadow palette because I like matte shades and wanted to see the quality of this product.

Absolute Matte

The Packaging : I like the package very sleek and easy to travel with , but it is a plastic case and I usually end up breaking those, I’m not sure how but I do lol

The Brush : There is a double ended brush included in this palette, one side has a brush and the other side is the sponge applicator, I’m really not a fan of this brush but it is better than only getting the sponge applicator as you usually do at the drug store, I have however found that the brush works well for defining the crease because of it’s size.

The Eyeshadows : The shadows/brushes even ones like real techniques, seem to pick up a lot of product but upon application the payoff of the lighter colors is not as expected, but it is certainly very build-able. The darker colors are awesome , takes very little shadow to get an incredible color payoff. The shadows are easy to blend and as long as you tap the excess of the brush there is little or no fall out.

Overall I am glad I made this purchase because when I looked at the urban decay naked basics palette the colors are very similar, I don’t own the urban decay one but from what I can see this looks like it could definitely be a dupe.

If you do have both let me know if it is a dupe or if I should take the plunge on the basics palette…

I got mine at DischemSA for R89.95 and the Urban Decay basics at is R650.00, now if this is a dupe I could buy the entire Catrice cosmetics line for that price hahahahahaha.

I hope you’ve enjoyed and I would definitely recommend this item for the bargain shopper that is looking for an all matte eyeshadow palette , especially for every day use.

Have a stunning day butiful! <3



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