Get Glowing skin with NYX born to glow

Nyx Born to Glow

Things have been so weird for me because putting on makeup these days is not even a thing, with the lockdown. But just before uncle Cyril locked us down, I purchased the Nyx Born to glow foundation and concealer. By now I’m sure you know I have dry skin, and glowing is my jam. I’m […]

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Boxycharm February 2020 Unboxing

Hey Scarlet’s Wow it’s been a while since I used that greeting lol. I don’t know if these unboxings add any value on a blog, but I do post pics on Instagram of course. So if you want to , you could follow me there to see the unboxings first 🙂 . We are obviously […]

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Need Extra Income? This MIGHT be for you.

Inuka Products

Happy February to you all. May this month be unusually short. Aren’t we all a little sick and tired of living paycheck to paycheck, well I’m choosing better. If you’re in this boat, do you also need extra income? Well I’ve started a side hustle and I think it is going to me Amazing. I’ve […]

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