Boxycharm November 2017 Unboxing + {Giveaway- Closed}!

Hello there lovelies! I hope this week has been going well thus far! But this weather over here is a bit wonky, I guess we can thank global warming for that. Anyway, so I had the usual ups and downs with Aramex global but I finally got my package on Friday. Keep reading to the end I have a little giveaway running at the moment.

Let’s dive right into the box. I have to say this month I was super excited about the cover FX illuminating spray. And the eyeshadow palette.


Cover FX Illuminating Spray – Retail $31.00 – and R418 with the current exchange rate.

This spray can be found here in South Africa from 3rd party importers, so from Muse Beauty, it is R750.00, excluding shipping and from Samika R690.00, if you’re interested in purchasing it.

This mist has to be the finest I have ever used, it is so awesome, BUT, don’t get too excited. The illumination factor comes from microfine glitter. So you reaaaallly really have to shake the bottle well or you will end up looking like a glitter ball and there will be water droplets on your skin, no joke. Once you’ve shaken the bottle for a good five minutes, shake it a little more to be on the safe side. Also, one thing to note is the pump feels a bit tight when you press down on it, but it’s not. The spray will still be a fine all over mist. As for the actual setting, I don’t think it does that, so I usually first apply my NYX dewy setting spray or Skindinavia and then this over the top so I can look hella glowy.

Laqa & Co Cloud Lips – Retail $17.00 – R229.09 with the current exchange rate.

This packaging though. It is stunning but I got this in my Glossybox too, so I will be keeping one of them for a future giveaway. I used the one I received in Glossybox and it’s good, goes on smoothly and really does feel like cloud lips. I like it, I don’t know if I would purchase or re-purchase it, but that’s only because I’m not a huge lip product person and if I do wear lips, it’s usually a liquid one, typically matte.

Luxie Beauty Quad Eye Travel Set – Retail $32.00 – R431 with the current exchange rate.

A girl can never have too many brushes ever, so for me, this is always welcomed in a subscription box. Plus they are so adorable. They’re perfect for your makeup bag for touch-ups if necessary throughout the day. Luxie brushes are really good quality as well. I am very happy with receiving this in this months’ box.

KNC Beauty Collagen Lip Mask –  Retails for $15.00 – R202.00

I tried this out but I don’t see a real difference and it doesn’t stay put. It keeps sliding off, however, there was a bit of a tingle after about 5 minutes, but I don’t have the skinniest lips in the world so I didn’t see any plumping, but it does leave your lips feeling a bit more moisturized after use though. Would I recommend it? , probably not, I prefer a lip scrub any day over a lip mask.

And last but not least

Winkylux Kitten Palette – Retails for $25.00 and R336.00.

So this is really such a pretty palette. The kittens on the cover are too cute, considering I am allergic, I like kitten print items, because I actually did really love cats growing up, but then one day I was allergic, it was a very sad day for me.

Anyway, I didn’t swatch the palette becaaaause I am doing a giveaway with it…so if you would like to win this palette follow the instructions below! Good luck loves!!! I can’t wait for one of you to receive this and send us some swatches!





Winkylux Kitten Palette giveaway


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