Best Of… Part 4…Finale

Let’s dive straight into this

Beauty Favs_GeneralUrban Art Boot – This I got myself for my birthday…I am in love with this shoe, it is soo comfortable and I am really getting into a rocker look (in my old age ha ha ha ha). I purchased this on for R359.00 on sale! yay me, I checked again today and it seems its sold out but I have a link to the blue pair here.

Double-chain ring set Gold – This I got on for R70.00 I am addicted to midi rings but sadly I have such tiny hands only a few really fit, I either have to buy them in store so I can fit them on or I have to be able to select sizes when purchasing online.

2-Band midi ring Silver –  also on this says midi and I wear it as a normal ring, again due to the tiny nature of my fingers lol – cost R60.00

Wavy Bud Vase Turquoise – also on, and yes this was all one order ha ha ha, this I got for R60.00 so I use it to hold my eye shadow brushes because I love the color ,anytime I find a turquoise item that speaks to me I will buy it.

Here are a few new songs I’ve heard in the past month…Already on my playlists

Ed Sheeran – I See Fire 

Ed Sheeran – Afire Love

David Guetta – what i did for love ft. Emeli Sandé 

I hope you have had a wonderful start to 2015  and I hope you have a amazing Feb 2015

Until Next time butiful


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