Best Of…Part 3 – Nails

I guess by now we’ve got the flow of this down…

Here we go

Beauty Favs_nails

Nail Lace – this I purchased last week on , they are R19.00 per sheet and you get to choose from silver, black or gold. The delivery time for me in Johannesburg was 24 hours. easy to use and apply , next to neon nail this is fast becoming my new go to look 🙂

Wet and Wild – their polishes are sold at clicks and dry fast, long lasting, spreads well in a water marble. I like it , plus its not R100+ like essie and OPI

Sally Hansen Insta Dry – I know I have mentioned how impatient I am with nail polish lol, so this for me is my go to aside from the Sally Hansen Big Shiny ( I cant find anymore, if you’re reading this and spot in anywhere in Jhb please leave me details)

Essie Sand Tropez – I watched a you tube video for OPI with a nude nail and I looked my head off for that color I couldn’t find it so I took the next best thing :D, I love this nude look (Far right of the collage)

Mavala Mavadry – I use this when I’m in a serious rush but not everyday because it really isn’t cheap but definitely works , this is one of the items I received from Rubybox

Sally Hansen Cuticle oil – Geez guys I really think I have had this bottle for about 6 months now and I use it everyday because my nails have to match my outfits , Yes crazy and time consuming I know but never mind that for now. I really like this cuticle oil but I haven’t really tried any others so I can’t compare for you

Botanical Collection Tropical Hand Cream – I also received this in one of my Rubyboxes, but it doesn’t feel my hands greasy at all, and the smell is so tropical, its like a mini escape to paradise …I love it , does the job and smells great


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