Best Of… Part 2 – All things Hair

Hey Butiful

Part 2 – I think we should look at Hair, because aside from a stunning face who doesn’t want healthy shiny I right?

Beauty Favs_Hair Care

Starting from the top Left corner again 😀

Batiste – I have always been a batiste fan for 2nd and 3rd day hair, and I have dark hair so can you imagine the excitement when I came across this one, it has been a fav for months but since I just started blogging I feel it needs a mention because I have no residue, no yucky feeling hair and it smells like I just washed it without all the hassle!

3 Day Straight –  Aside from having (recently short) dark hair , my hair is also quite curly and generally has a mind of its own, so when I cut my hair into an asymmetric pixie cut, I felt like it needed some discipline, and this stuff is like a miracle in a bottle, I kid you not… I got mine at clicks for R150.00 and that was money well spent!

Joico K Pak – I received this in one of the secret boxes I purchased and have been using it sine Mid December 2014, it smells like banana to me, maybe others have a different sense of smell, but I don’t mind it, I love it, the smell is not as long lasting for me but that could be because of the other products I use to maintain my hairstyle.This shampoo and conditioner is definitely something I will re-purchase unless I come across an even more amazing duo.

The Joico re constructor I have been using since September and I am about to re-order it. I use alot less product now since cutting my hair but this stuff is so awesome, works like a bomb and all it needs is 5 minutes, my hair is soo much softer and shinier since I’ve included this in my hair care routine.

Mitch Barber Classic – this is another product received in the Movember secret box and my hubby doesn’t really use pomade so once my hair was gone this stuff was a life saver! Yes it does definitely mean I have to wash my hair more often because of the vaseline type texture but if you want your hair to go in a certain way and stay there with shine and movement, this is the stuff to use!

Enjoy stunning

Be back shortly 😀


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