Is the Benefit Porefessional Hydrate Primer Worth it?

Well hello there. How you doin’!? Ok so I received the benefit Porefessional hydrate primer in my last Boxycharm. And since I’ve tried all the others and the original was my ride or die. I had to try the hydrating one coz, dry skin, also winter is coming. I know we aren’t going anywhere, but I like things, and so still wear makeup now and then. I try for twice a week.

So I decided I was gonna put this to the test. I managed this time, to get some up close and personal pictures, and let me just tell you up front. I don’t need any comments about my marks and pores and what not ok. I took the pic to demonstrate how the product performs. So if you’re going to be a meany, please leave. Thanks.

Benefit Porefessional Hydrate Primer

Benefit Porefessional Hydrate Primer Before

There really isn’t much to say about the packaging. It’s a tube. the end. Price same as the normal one too.


Well the full size , is R495.00, but the mini is R195.00. I have bought the minis before and since you don’t need a lot of primer, I feel like getting the mini ones are worth it. Especially if you already have a big collection, and/or just want to see if you like it.

So if you don’t have R500 to drop on a primer, I get it. Try the mini’s , or even better try and ask for a sample in store. You can check at Edgars, they have the benefit cosmetics stands in store.

Ok so I don’t have the original at the moment to show you but here’s a look at how the hydrating ones perform. Now again, nothing is going to erase them pesky pores, unless you don’t have many. Or they are visible but not terribly visible, like mine are.

Without Primer

*PS* Ignore the foundation, I know it looks drying but this is no real prep to the skin and definitely no setting mist.

Benefit Porefessional Hydrate Primer without

I have to say , I like the way this feels on the skin. It truly is hydrating. Not at all like the illuminating one, the pink tube. For me that one was a total dud. There was zero illumination, or that I could see at least. I have used much better glowy/illuminating primers. Did that also fill the pores, yes it did. But if the main thing you want is hydration and you didn’t enjoy the original, then go for this one.


Ok so as you can see from the before pics, I have big pores. And then after it’s gone away quite a bit. I do believe the smashbox primer fills them alot better, but hey. It works-ish right. Just see the after pics. Much better than not using anything at all.

This is the after

I will tell you, if you set your primer with powder it disappears even more. So if I’m not mistaken I first saw this tip/hack from Wayne Goss on youtube. And I still do it today, because it’s awesome and it works. I do have dry skin so after I apply the powder I will always use a hydrating setting spray, or a thermal water spray. I obviously didn’t do that for this review because I wanted to showcase only the primer.

If you read my blog often you will know I don’t do touch ups throughout the day and I think this is why. However, there are primers that don’t work as well with this trick, so just use the hack with caution.

So in essence, yes it works, yes it’s hydrating. This will probably be the one I re-purchase over the original one. I usually get mine on Superbalist or from Edgars beauty.

Let me know what you think of this primer.




Do you see a difference in my pores or is this a placebo effect?

Anyway loves, if there are any other recommendations you can send my way, feel free to do so down below or Instagram, twitter and these days even Tik tok 🙂


Have a lovely week ahead or what’s left of it.

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