5 Top tips for Foundation

Welcome back, so today I figured I would cover foundation. I did a beginners guide to primer post, which you can check out here. Aside from your childhood makeup, where it was blush and eyeshadow in your arsenal. Do you remember that first paycheck you earned and were finally able to afford real makeup and ran over to the Revlon counter to get a foundation lol, don’t feel bad I remember that too, it was so exciting…

And the foundation is just that, the foundation on which you will build a look, but to me, the foundation is more than just the colour stuff we apply to look flawless to me it is the actual foundation, it’s what lies underneath the cement or pretty tiles… Who doesn’t want flawless amazing skin right?! I do!

Once again I am not a certified professional or any such thing, but one thing I have learnt the hard way is that if your skin is not looked after you might as well just skip makeup altogether, I mean this is a bunch of ingredients in a bottle meant to assist you in improving the look of your skin SHORT TERM, but it’s not a wizard waving a wand around to make all your wishes come true, and let’s face it, who loves everything about their skin?

If you did, you wouldn’t be so curious about the foundation.

Tip # 1

Look after yourself from the inside out. Eat well, drink lots of water and maintain healthy skin as far as possible. I know I know we all have skin concerns but where possible do everything you can to improve or look after the skin you have.

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Tip # 2

Exfoliate – I exfoliate 2-3 times a week, but I have dry skin and this helps me avoid dry flaky patches that just looks weird. You don’t want your foundation lifting off your face in the middle of the day because your skin decided it was time to shed. There are tons of exfoliators on the market or you can even DIY a quick one, my favourites are Baking soda and coconut oil or my handy dandy facial brush (review coming soon).

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Tip # 3

When choosing a foundation make sure you understand your skin and its’ needs, if you have super oily skin, I would steer clear of a dewy or hydrating foundation formula. If you have drier skin, I wouldn’t recommend matte formulas, but give them a go I have a few matte foundations that actually do work well with my dry skin.

Tip # 4

Know your undertone. There are loads of videos on youtube or even blog posts guiding you on finding your undertone. Then once you have an idea of your undertone, go get colour matched at a few different places. Mac is not the only place to find your foundation shade 😉

Tip # 5

DO NOT order foundation ONLINE until you are 100% confident in understanding your skin, your needs and your undertone.

These are just some simple tips to help make the daunting process a little easier, and if you aren’t sure of a product or colour, ASK for SAMPLES, there is no shame in it, I sample shop long before I go and purchase expensive makeup.

I will be doing another post on this topic shortly to provide some recommendations. I figured I would cover the basics first.

Let us know down in the comments what are your most important tips.


Have a be YOU tiful day! You’re worth it!


    1. It really is hey, the difference it makes in the texture of your skin, is actually amazing…if you try it let me know how it goes 😉

  1. Thanks for the tips! Gentle expoliation is really important especially when applying make up products on skin!

  2. To be honest I have never word foundation in my life ! I have always wanted to invest in a good one though . Thanks for the tips . My skin is super oily and it’s humid here . It just spells disaster for me . I will give it a go after I get a deep cleansing facial my pores are a mess at the moment .

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