Becca ultimate coverage foundation

Since the lockdown I’ve been trying so hard to thoroughly test my makeup, the only things I got to test is what you’re reading about lol. So I put the Becca ultimate coverage foundation to the test the past few days. It’s been a few weeks since I’ve worn any makeup at all, but I decided I need to get out of this funk.

Let’s get straight into it , I don’t have any funny or interesting stories right now as I’m sure most of us don’t, however, sometimes I make some tiktok videos. If you’re on there come check me and my pumpkin out 🙂 it’s @piecesofzee.

Becca ultimate coverage foundation

I purchased this on Boxycharms’ website , I think in Jan or Feb with the Add-ons sale. I got mine for $12 but the retail is $44. That’s an insane discount, so you can understand why I waited for that sale to get mine. The shade is a bit off, I think it’s a tad to light, but the undertone is pretty awesome. It’s not yellow or pink. For us olive people this is a real problem.

Becca claims this is 24 hour wear, & as me and the rest of the world say, I don’t know who is wearing foundation for 24 hours, but if the need arises, here you go. As far as the wear goes, it lasts a really, really long time. Is the Becca ultimate coverage foundation, the Ultimate in coverage? I wouldn’t say that, I don’t find it to cover up all my deep dark secrets. It is definitely buildable, but still even with 2 layers and 1 of those layers being applied with a brush, I don’t find it super full coverage.

Maybe my definition of full coverage is wrong!? But I expect that you can’t see my annoying scar on my cheek when a product claims full coverage. Oh my freckles and sun spots. I want 1 layer to erase all the errors of my past.

I did a little demo video, which you can see on Instagram. If you’re not following me there, go follow I obviously post a lot more there than I do over here.


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No more shameless plugs 🙂 , I hope lol. Seriously let’s continue though

Becca ultimate coverage foundation – Packaging

The usual high-end glass bottle with a pump. I’m sure by now everyone knows that everyone loves a pump. It’s a very pretty bottle though.

Becca ultimate coverage foundation




This is one of those bottles that you leave out on your desk or vanity and hope that one of your friends knows what it is, and they like oooooh so fancy. But seriously though, I do keep it on my desk but purely so it doesn’t go to the dreaded product grave yard to die. I mean I didn’t wait a whole month to purchase the Becca ultimate coverage foundation and then another month, just for it to get lost in my collection.


So as you can see if you watched the video above, with my dry skin I have to do alot to make it work. Not to say I don’t usually over prep that way, but I don’t always have to use 2 illuminating primers. This for sure is a more matte foundation. But the way I apply it there, I can get it to look more satin. Unlike the Nyx born to glow foundation. That one I sometimes want to mattify. It’s hela dewy but I prefer that any day.Oooh I have re-try the 2 of them together. I think that’s my favorite way to wear these 2.


Ok the big question – Zee is this thing worth it

If you love fuller coverage and have normal to oily skin, you may love this one. And I don’t think you need to use as many primers. For the drier girls, I don’t think it’s a total no go, but you have to figure it out and see how you like it,and how you can make it work for your skin. Since we can get samples or testers of the Becca ultimate coverage foundation here in South Africa, I honestly don’t know how else you would get to try this other than just taking the plunge and hoping for the best.

I wouldn’t re-purchase this in a hurry but I am certainly going to use it up. I won’t lie the first time I wore this I was very upset that I bought it. But I found a way to make it work. And the way I see it, you can basically make anything work. Just sometimes it’s not worth the trouble. For me, this is worth the trouble.

I hope that answers the question. I think it’s better suited to oily skin is what I am basically trying to say.

Let me know in the comments if you prefer fuller coverage or bb/cc creams or somewhere in between. And what your favorite is.


Hope you enjoy the rest of your week gorgeous!


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