Beauty Blender & EoS

Hey Gorgeous!

By now we’ve established that I have an online shopping addiction :D, BUT I’ve made some progress because this month I only purchased 2 ‘big-ish’ items online …so proud of myself 🙂

This one was just a re-purchase , the Vanilla Bliss Eos shaving cream. I adore this stuff, not only does it smell amazing but keeps me moisturized after shaving, and I have dry skin so this is a must have , plus it works way better than normal shaving gels, even more than my previous favorite… Gillette (with a touch of Olay). I think the thing I love most about the Eos is I can use it on dry skin which is a huge plus for me , I don’t have to lose moisture in the shower by staying in there longer than necessary!


Then I finally got a beauty blender , and I had to snatch this guy up because I refuse to buy a pink one lol, I am just not that type of girl … So when I found the purple one on Hashtagawesome, click here to link to it, I just had to have it. And I used it for the first time today and let me tell you , that the beauty blender with the micro mini blender left my face flawless! I know I’m jumping on this band wagon a bit late so no review necessary…When I got to work everyone was like are you testing a new foundation, because your skin is flawless. Now that to me is impressive especially because all I changed was the tool I used! I can’t wait till I can find the black one! Just for the color and to have a back up 😀


Both these products were purchased at , and as long as they are available and I need a top up I will re-purchase these!

I hope you enjoyed! <3


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