Basic Body Skincare Routine That You Need To Know

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This is a guest post by the lovely Hana Nguyen from

We are bringing you a body skincare routine!

After facial skincare routine, we now bring you new article on Body skincare routine. Body skin care is not really as complex as facial skin care, but we advise that you do not take it for granted.

Basically, body skin care consists of three steps:

Step 1: Clean
Step 2: Take care
Step 3: Protect


1. Exfoliate the skin
Exfoliation will help you get rid of dry, dead skin cells, and keep the skin fresh. In fact, you should do this 1 to 2 times per week.
Unlike facial scrubs, exfoliating body skin is done before bathing/showering. When you got your body wet, use a DIY body scrub to massage, then rinse with water. However, if you are lazy or do not have time to do this, you can also buy an exfoliator from brands such as The Body Shop, L’Occitane.

2. Bath with shower gel
Shower gel, this is a must-have item in your bathroom, whether you care about body skincare or not.
Johnson’s – Body Care Dreamy Skin Body Wash is always in the list of Woman’s favourite shower gel.
Johnson’s – Body Care Dreamy Skin Cream Body Wash is soothing to the skin, the skin is soft and supple, dermatologically tested, 100% soap-free, Hypoallergenic and the scent of this one is pleasant. This price is also quite affordable and everyone should be able to give this a go.


1. Moisturizing products
For moisturizing products, there are two products that you can use and advise people to use:
The Jart + – Ceramidin ™ Body Cream
LA MER – The Body Creme
The Jart + Ceramidin ™ Body Cream: At first the smell is very pleasant, not like the smell of other products, but it’s very natural and light. However, besides the advantages of fragrance, the quality is very good too, moisturizing, not greasy, easy to apply. The price of it is not too expensive (28 USD / 250ml).

La Mer – The Body Creme: is more effective than Dr Jart. However, the only disadvantage of this product is too expensive for daily use.
If you just want to use products with thicker texture for moisture and a better smell, you can take a look at body lotion.


2. Hand Cream
For hand skin, your product should be moisturizing but not sticky and the smell is soothing and pleasant
THE AROMATHERAPY CO – Aroma Co Lime & Mandarin Hand Cream is perfect to throw into your handbag, there is a strong fragrance, but it lingers for a long time and keeps your hand smooth but not sticky.

3. Body makeup
Two products that you can consider are:-

JERGENS – BB Body Perfecting Skin Cream Light and

MAKE UP FOR EVER – Water Blend Foundation. Tips for you: Do not use alone but mix 2 products, then apply on the skin areas that need to “makeup”. The result will give you a brighter, clearer body skin tone.

The disadvantage of this is that it takes time, so when you make apply body makeup, be aware of possible colour transfer.



Protect your skin against UV is important. If the skin is not protected from harmful rays, it is the main cause of ageing, cancer, etc. And knowing how to choose the safest sunscreen for your skin is important too. We have 2 products that you can keep in mind:


CLARINS UV PLUS HP DAY SCREEN HIGH PROTECTION SPF 40: Clarins is a French cosmetic brand, and sunscreen is the most popular product of this brand. People love this sunscreen because it is always oil free and very light, not sticky. It protects the skin against pollution, oxidation and DNA damage.
This brand is most popular for products for middle-aged (35+). This one can give you a glowing, stronger skin and advanced sunscreens to help prevent signs of ageing caused by ultraviolet light while enhancing the softness, natural beauty of the skin.

I hope you guys enjoyed these tips let us know if you found them helpful. and don’t forget to go check out Han’s blog too.

Let me know what is your best kept ‘body skincare’ secret?

Have a BE U Tiful day! you’re worth it

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    1. Wow! U must be a super hero I can barely work for a boss and be a mom! Well done…feel free to send me links to your goodies to check out 😉

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