Asking for more!!!

Hey Gorgeous!

Happy hump day , I hope week has been fruitful thus far 🙂

ask for more

A lot of people may say that asking for more is us being greedy, but as long as you are grateful for what you already have but would like more , even if it just more of what you have, why not?

This universe is infinite and we limit ourselves… I don’t think there is anything wrong with asking for more, more love, more happiness, more peace or even more money, because universe is abundant enough for all of us. In the same breathe we cannot receive what we do not ask for…So ask! What’s the worst that could happen? You will either get it or you won’t , or you might get it in a way that you don’t even realize you got what you wanted…

So start asking for what you want…you are worth it! you deserve it ! and God loves us all and wants to see all of us happy…

I hope you enjoyed and will continue to enjoy life, it truly is amazing, even the tests , they teach us so much about ourselves

Happy Wednesday butiful! <3



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