Allure Beauty Box : Unboxed – December 2017

I’m starting to feel like I do more unboxings than reviews lol. So I think these will be the last to close off 2017 :)… I will continue to get subscription boxes because it’s so awesome, but I think I would prefer to review the items I receive instead, if you prefer unboxings, let me know, but I don’t feel like their of any value really…That might be just me, so let me know what you guys prefer?

Allure Beauty box for December 2017 was definitely an epic box, not only because Allure partnered with Jaclyn Hill for her favourite products, but because the selection was awesome, and for us to be able to sample these products all the way over here in South Africa is just awesome, especially without the splurge 😉

In the past I didn’t reaaaally purchase a lot of very expensive makeup, that’s mostly because I was afraid of receiving something I didn’t like and since we don’t have a Sephora here we can’t exactly get any samples. But now… I can yay!

I have to say the caption on the inside of the lid makes no sense in comparison to the items received lol, but that’s basically my life ha ha ha. As you can see the product selection was definitely on point. These are such hyped products and the chance to test them is so awesome, seriously. Especially for someone as frugal as me, when it comes to make-up. I love it, don’t get me wrong, I just can’t justify certain purchases, and a lot of these products would fall into that category.

Purity by Philosophy – Full-size retail price $24

On the philosophy website, you can purchase the 3oz size for $11.00 which already exceeds the price of this box. There they also state :

“our facial cleanser:

  • deep cleans pores
  • eliminates makeup build-up
  • natural oil extracts help condition skin

3-in-1 approach to cleansing. gently cleanses and melts away face and eye makeup in one simple step, while toning and lightly hydrating. our cleanser leaves skin feeling perfectly clean, comfortable and balanced. find purity made simple facial cleanser, the #1 facial cleanser in America.”

I have to say the few days that I did use this little guy, the claims may possibly be true, I don’t know about toning because I tone separately, but the comfort factor is definitely there. I have dry sensitive and very fussy skin, and this is so far so good! There is no tight dry feeling after I cleanse my skin. Melting off makeup, what I can say (because I use coconut oil) is that whatever mascara was left behind, was definitely gone after cleansing, a lot of the time I find there are still traces of mascara when I tone, but my cotton pad was completely clean with this cleanser.

Matte Waves Texture Lotion – Full-size retail price $42

I can’t seem to find the sample size of this product for the pricing, but to check out the full details on this product, click here, for the Oribe website.

“DESCRIPTION – Get salt-spray waves, sans dryness. This medium-hold lotion coaxes matte-textured pieciness out of even the finest hair, adding grip to styles and a beachy allure.”

So I decided to go natural and correct my curls this year, so in my mind, I need to blow dry my hair and then curl it with a wand or flat iron, in order to create the texture, which by the way I already have, because I am a curly girl. I don’t know how or when I will ever get to use it, but I will keep it around because it smells amazing! I wish I could afford to purchase different items from Oribe. The scent is absolutely gorgeous and kinda seductive, I love it.

Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer – Full-size retail price $54

This is definitely the item I was most excited about. Jaclyn has been talking about this primer for a while now, so I know it really is truly a favourite of hers.

Jaclyn and I have the same skin types so I don’t mind testing out her recommendations, but I could never bring my self to spend this kind of money on a primer.

But I have to say sadly I love it, it makes my skin feel like velvet. As for the longevity of the makeup, I don’t think it does much but, it doesn’t leave me feeling dry or cracked but doesn’t fill in my pores, I don’t mind though because I use more than one primer daily anyway.

From the applicator and glass bottle (for a sample) you can tell it’s high end. My thing though is why spend so much money on the packaging of a sample product? it doesn’t make sense. But I have to say I am glad they did, that spatula is so cute! I would have prefered a tube as not to contaminate the rest of it, but oh well, it’s only going on my hands. I think it will also allow me to dig out as much product as possible. If you have the full size or have tried this let me know what you think of this primer for its price, worth it or not so much?

Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed Highlighter in Champagne Pop – Retail $38

So on Sephora’s website, they do actually sell the mini highlighters, which are just too adorable for words. The mini size retails for $19, which again makes the $10 cost of this box well worth it.

This is something I feel like I can’t run out of, I mean I have been using the ‘The Balm – Mary-Louminizer’ for about 2 ½ years now and I just hit pan, but still only in the centre. And I was going to add this one to a giveaway but sadly it was a bit shattered so I don’t want to give away something damaged.

We recently received the Becca highlighter in Prosecco Pop in one of the boxycharm boxes, so I was so excited to see this too. Then it was broken and my heart sank a little but I know it’s repairable.

This one is described as “soft white gold w/ pinky peach undertones” which I think looks beautiful on my medium skin tone.

This formula is truly something else, if I were to recommend you spend your money it would be on this bad boy. It doesn’t emphasise anything at all and just looks healthy, and so glowy…I am really enjoying these highlighters 100%. Get it!!! Go on… you know you want to… If you’re in South Africa, click here, or for Sephora, click here

Diorshow Mascara –  Retail $29.50

Again to me, mascara is mascara, I only got excited because it’s Dior lol. I haven’t done a wear test with this one, because I currently have 6 mascaras in a rotation, but the brush is big and fluffy. I would imagine it gives volume and very natural fluffy lashes.

The container is also pretty unique in that you don’t screw off the brush, you have to pull it out. Which I almost broke, because I’m silly. But thank goodness I figured it out before I did break it lol. The brush is long though so I think I would be one of those people who ends up with more mascara on the sides of my nose than on my actual lashes ha ha ha.

And last but not least

M433 – Pro Firm Blending Brush – Retail $6

This brush is so well known, I don’t think I have anything to say other than what’s already been said about it. This is now the 3rd one I received and is going in the wash day arsenal. Over the December break I got so lazy to wash my brushes, these extra’s are the ones that come in handy.

So, people, that’s the Allure beauty box for December 2017, let me know if you got this box and what you thought about it. Also if you would like to subscribe, you can use this link.

I wish you all an amazing week!

Have a be YOU tiful day! You’re worth it.



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