Allow Yourself …

Hey Gorgeous!

Allow urself

I feel like the internet and all these social media posts, make some people feel unloved and invalid, it really gets some people down, not having 500k followers on instagram or twitter. But at the end of the day we all have to start somewhere…right?! Nevermind that, you don’t need to be popular on the internet to be loved, we all have the greatest love inside all of us, the Love of God and ourselves!

This statement is so true in every aspect of life, whether it be a job and people don’t immediately earn the salary they want or driving, us older drivers sometimes get impatient behind learners but we have to allow ourselves to be beginners and everyone else will too…It comes right back to letting go of the judgement of ourselves.

When you feel like you need to rush to the top,remember that EVERYONE had to start somewhere…the key is believe in yourself and do what you love, most of all, don’t give up! You’ll get there!!!

Have an amazing day butiful! <3


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