African Extracts Rooibos Range – Good & Bad!


Skincare is such a delicate topic for me because my skin is so sensitive and dry. Recently I received a PR package from Freebees Marketing containing the African Extracts Rooibos Range for review, this post is not sponsored though.

Now typically my go to is Neutrogena Hydro-boost (since it’s launch in South Africa) and the Clinique moisture surge range, especially in winter, because yo girl can get a tad bit crunchy in Winter.

So when I received the package I was a bit hesitant because firstly it wasn’t for my particular skin type and secondly I have never used it before, but to my surprise, these products turned out to be pretty awesome with the exception of the Rooibos Vanishing Cream.

African Extracts Rooibos Range

African Extracts Rooibos Range –  Youth Purifying Pore Clearing Face Scrub 75ml

I love exfoliating, you can see another post of mine here where I discuss skincare. I personally think it has made the world of difference in my skin care and even the way my makeup sits on my skin.

What it does for me is, removes all the dead skin, and smooths the surface of my skin. I also find that I don’t have scaly skin anymore, what that means is that sadly I seem to shed skin, more so in winter and exfoliating removes that layer of skin, so there is no more shedding.

So as far as the African Extracts line goes the grittiness doesn’t dissolve which I love, I don’t like exfoliators where it seems the beads melt away. I love feeling the grit until I decide I am done exfoliating if that makes any sense at all.

Typically with my skin, one use and my skin feels dried out and very sensitive, but this didn’t do that and it’s for oily skin! What’s more is my skin doesn’t feel tight at all after I use this product, even after a while of use. It leaves my skin so soft and supple, it’s actually pretty amazing and when I saw how affordable it is, I was blown away! This hidden gem will only set you back R52.75 (Currently on Sale) at Clicks.

Toner – Rooibos Purifying Toner 250ml

Toner, this one is usually very very hit or miss for me, my skin can really freak the F out depending on the toner I use, usually, it burns like a mofo! So when I try a new one I expect the worst, and this didn’t burn at all!

Shocking, because I love Eucerin, and on the first use even that burnt my face. Again no over stipping my skin, after I tone with the African Extracts toner, my skin still feels comfortable. I like it and would certainly repurchase it again. This toner will cost you a mere R47.95, again at Clicks.

Vanishing Cream – Rooibos Vanishing Cream 50ml

This one sadly is a no-no for me, vanishing cream and I don’t get along and this was no exception! I really thought I would like it, but nope, this one definitely only for oily skin. I can’t, I much prefer a hydrating cream, so I have been using other face creams, I tried for an entire week but it just got worse for me. If you are very oily I think you might enjoy this one and will be R19.95 for 50ml at you guessed it…Clicks

After this little trial, I am very interested to try more from the African Extracts Rooibos range because I was really pleasantly surprised with the performance. Is it something I would recommend, yes aside from of course the vanishing cream, unless you are oily, plus it’s so affordable that trying it out isn’t going to break the bank, whether it works for you or not, what do you have to lose?

When beauty guru’s say that skincare is the key to flawless makeup application, they definitely aren’t lying to you. Try taking better care of your skin, you will see. However, it is nice to splurge on yourself, it is not always necessary, I hope this post will show you that you don’t have to spend R1000+ every month to have amazing skin!

If you would like to know more about African Extracts, Click Here. This is also a proudly South African skincare brand in case you were wondering.

If on the other hand, you have tried this please let us know in the comments section how it went…

Thanks for hanging out! I hope you have a Be YOU tiful day gorgeous! You’re worth it!


*NB* Products were gifted however this post is not sponsored. All opinions are my own.




  1. Im using this product now my face is burning ,itching n got rash I don’t know if I must change it to another one(classic) plz help

    1. Yes please stop using it, that’s very unusual, I have sensitive skin and I was totally fine, maybe check if you are having a reaction to something in the ingredients… So sorry man or perhaps switch back to something your skin is comfortable with?

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