Weekly Motivation : Acceptance


I hope you are all doing well. This week I feel like I need to accept certain things in life and I came across this quote. It is so relevant and helped me to realize I have to learn to practice acceptance or myself and others.



Week 2: Acceptance

Isn’t this so true though, because sometimes the harder we try to understand things, the longer it takes to realize the storm has passed and we are just holding ourselves back? It is important to learn and practice acceptance! Acceptance of out circumstances and acceptance of ourselves.

I hope this Weekly Motivation about Acceptance lightens your load and helps you have a better week… The sooner you learn to love and accept yourself the easier things will get. The same principle applies as loving yourself and I┬ábelieve these to go hand in hand. You cannot do or have the one without the other

Have an amazing week

You’re worth it!


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