5 Important Life Lessons Gratitude Taught Me

I don’t know if you follow me on Instagram or not, but I’ve been trying to focus on being more mindful. To make gratitude a priority and I won’t lie, it’s not easy. All of us get caught up in “stories” and happening and all the negativity around us, right? For me, I had to make it a priority. As much as beauty and makeup is my love and passion. What good is my passion, if I can’t be grateful for something as simple as a glass of water?


Having this outlook has put me more at ease. I am so much less focused on comparison, and more with staying in my lane. Focusing on me and my life and not everyone else’s.


    1.Have Gratitude for everything

First and foremost it taught me to be grateful, and not to take anything for granted. Like I said it is so easy to take things for granted and get lost in the “happenings”.

    2. Be Present

Everyday, there are a million little things that happen that we simply don’t recognize. Drinking your favorite drink (for me that’s coffee and coke) and just enjoying it. Tasting everything, smelling the smells and simply making the whole thing an experience. Life is happening now, even if it’s not the most pleasurable experience, it’s still an experience.

   3. Life is fleeting

As we all know, life is short. If you are spending your time worried and stressed out, are you living your life? Isn’t it just a waste of time? Because “this too shall pass”. Nothing is forever!

   4. Knowing myself

Gratitude provided me an opportunity to get to know myself really well. And most importantly to see what is really important to me. Sometimes, we get caught up and believe we value our jobs or things, and through this exercise I realized, I actually don’t care about it. Everyday I am grateful for my family. I am grateful for the ability to put food on the table, regardless of what the source of the money is. My job, my “luck”. God (Source, The Universe – whatever this higher power is to you) ALWAYS provides and is the ultimate provider.

   5. Self Love

This comes off as vain sometimes, but I don’t believe it is vain to be grateful that you have the ability to see or walk. Or if you are in the position that you can’t do those things, guaranteed you have other abilities. So let’s say you are unable to see with your eyes, surely you can see with your other senses.

If you can’t walk, you can do amazing things with your arm strength, that an “able” bodied person can’t do. There is always, room to love and appreciate what you do have. And there is always room to love yourself. It can even exclude looks, you can love that you are a good listener and people always seek you out because you are such a good person or friend.


I hope this little post inspires you to take a few minutes everyday and just be grateful. I started the practice by writing and posting 3 things I am grateful for. These days I am using a gratitude journal, and first thing in the morning, I play a mediation to help center me.

Essentially you will feel so much better about everything that is going on in your life. Practice makes better! There is no greater feeling that that of Love and Gratitude for yourself and for the small things in life.

So get right on it and practice!!!! also let me know in the comments if you enjoy posts like these.


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If you feel like you fell off the wagon, no problem. Be grateful you started and can continue whenever you’re ready!

Have a wonderful rest of the week loves and come say hi on social





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